Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ode to a sick mama/baby

     Me and baby Lisey are Sick!

This being my first time dealing with

Sceamy Adalise + Exhausted Mama


                  Waaaaay too many dirty bottles and fussy baby who 

constantly clinges to a mama or a blankie 

or sometimes even a burp cloth.....


               { very thankful for overhead fans and messy buns}

I REALLY should save myself and use less formula as you can see she isn't much of a "finisher"

I am feeling VERY blessed to have a mother who see's the NATURAL side of life and has given me the knowledge to help a sad sick baby in ways besides shoving her full of medicine....

 Doterra Essential HERO! Plus for once the oils smell delicious, a certain "young living" really should pick up on the fact that their lavender stinks like poo...

This is by far my favorite oil, she gets this on her toes morning and night and sometimes in between! It has the same affect that vicks does without all the chemicals plus vicks is hard on a babies respiratory system

I also have learned this little beauty is a god send when she gets uber fussy from her runny nose..

I must also admit once she is calm I dab a little on it works :)

My brilliant mother has a million and one ways to use all the oils doterra has to offer including helping her overcome breast cancer! This totally isn't an add just wanted to thank my mother for being brave enough to think outside the box and help me help my own little family :)

(but if you are interested in getting doterra let me or my mama know, she is a distributor)

On another note I haven downloaded Blogger on my **NEW** phone

(after borrowing a MILLION old ones, thanks mama!)

So its officially time to START blogging cause come on lets face it 2 blogs in 2 years...PATHETIC!

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  1. I'm so glad that you are blogging again! I need to see more of you and my baby Adalise. As you know I text you constantly to get more pictures. And I still don't have enough. So more please!!